Luisa and Lucia are twin sisters that have pretty much been around each other since in-utero. Growing up, they were often mistaken for each other, even extended family members could not tell them apart. In high school, they were also in all the same clubs and organizations and they both pursued careers in the health field.

Family is very important to both twin sisters and that is why they decided to stay in their hometown, El Paso, TX. They loved the thought of having their kids (the cousins) grow near each other along with their grandparents. Luisa is married to her husband Dom and they have three sweet little girls, Charlotte (8), Ireland (6) and a recent addition baby Quinn.

Lucia, married her high school crush, David and they feel blessed with their three children, Hanalei (10), David Abram (8) and Samuel Samson (4).

Both Luisa and Lucia feel blessed to be able to open one of two franchises in El Paso. Children consignment is a new concept to the El Paso community, and they are excited to help families by providing an event to purchase good quality clothing at a fraction of the price. Assisting families with saving money from the clothing budget, will allow those families to spend that money on experiences and create new family memories.

The twin sisters are excited to embark on this new adventure and look forward to creating more friendships and memories that are to come from the Rhea Lana family. Both Luisa and Lucia agree that training in Conway was a phenomenal week. They enjoyed meeting Rhea Lana herself, their mentors in person, their fellow Rhea Lana new owners and all the wonderful individuals that work at Rhea Lana.